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​Our Programs

A "Brand New World".  At this early stage our infant program is designed to work with your infant's individual needs, adapting to their unique physical and cognitive developmental stages.  At Children's Cove, our caregivers know all about helping your infant build the necessary skills needed to take advantage of the new world unfolding around them.  Our infants are treated as royalty!  Each child's needs are met on demand by one of our loving caregivers who provide each infant with special attention.  The children will have personalized daily schedules to meet their own needs along with their families. 

Toddlers need fun, educational activities and an environment that fosters language, social, emotional, and congitive growth and development.  Children's Cove encourages them to explore, discover, invent and experiment while they gain an understanding of the world around them.  Creating opportunities for individual and group activities, while integrating a caring and nurturing environment for your rapidly growing toddler, is our goal and commitment.  Children learn through their senses in our toddler classroom.  Our enriched Curriculum gives each child a variety of experiences in language development, imaginative play, music, art, and physical development.  As the toddlers are busy exploring their new environment, their caregivers are there to provide a balanced schedule full of fun and learning in a nurturing and comfortable environment.

Children's Cove increasingly independent two-year-old children are guided to enhance their language and socialization skills.  This a achieved by incorporating children's literature, music, movement activities, arts, and crafts.  Our trained teachers are attentive to meeting the needs of your naturally curious and active two-year-old.  Our goal is to give your child everything they need to grow into a happy, healthy and successful individual.  Our Two-Year Old program is designed to prepare your child with the skills needed to enter our highly educational preschool program.  Children's Cove program provides numerous opportunities for your child to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally in a developmentally appropriate environment.

​​Children's Cove

Childcare & Learning Center


Preschoolers are excited to learn new things and are extremely inquisitive at this age.  They love to ask questions such as where things come from and how they work.  At Children's Cove, our curriculum is designed to enhance your child's inquisitiveness.  They are given many opportunities to engage in the exciting process of learning through exploration and hands on activities.  Our classrooms consist of learning centers that include age appropriate materials for preschoolers.  Each preschool classroom is designed to give your child the opportunity and freedom to explore in a variety of learning areas, such as, Art, Language & Writing, Blocks, Math & Manipulatives, Science/Social Studies, Home & Sensory, Dramatic Play, and Computer.

​​Infants - Schoolers

Children's Cove's youth space is designed especially for 5 - 12 year old students.  Your child will interact with others in a fun, challenging, supervised environment.  We have homework area, board games, creative art center, blocks center, dramatic play area, and reading area.  We provide tranportation to and from neighborhood schools.  Our school-age program also aligns with school calendars to provide a fun-filled (and educational!) offering during holidays, teacher in-service days, and other school breaks.  Our program provides a dedicated space and time for homework and our teachers are always ready to help and support the students when needed.

Children's Cove provides and unforgettable Summer Camp and Holiday Camp experience.  In these seasons, we hold special in-house events and go on exciting field trips.  Children visit in places like the Children's Museum, Cullen Park, Incredible Pizza, area libraries, Health and Science Museum, and many more...